Beth Knaus

Writing with Candor with Beth Knaus

You want to get people to think and react. You want to say things that are provocative so you can open people’s minds. – Beth Knaus

Meet Beth Knaus – Copywriter

Beth KnausBeth Knaus is a content writer, workshop leader and owner of That’s A Spade Copywriting Services ( Her initial background is in business and the beauty industry, giving her the ability to get things done and look good doing it.

She has been writing since before the millennium was a thing, from teenage angsty poetry to published stories and essays. As a writer she’s passionate about writing content that nails her client’s voice to the page with candor and confidence so they can stand out from the masses and attract the audience they want to make money serving.

Beth is also a Pepperlane networking leader, and an active member at the WeBreathe Wellness Center in Walpole, where she holds creative writing classes.

Now partial empty nesters, she lives in Norwood, Ma. with her awesome husband and their chubby spoiled cat. In her free time she likes to read, cook and laugh. A lot. Her personal short stories have been published online and in print.

Stacey & Beth talk about…

  • Playing it safe in your writing, sounding the same or standing out (3:10)
  • Writing formalities that keep people stuck in a sea of sameness (8:30)
  • How to deal with the fear of standing out (11:50)
  • Difference between writing an elevator speech (that is spoken) vs written post (may never get spoken) (14:30)
  • Importance of hiring an outside writer to hear what we say over and over again. (18:18)
  • Free writing as a practice (25:50)
  • Honoring our originality vs conforming to what others think (30:00)

You think I’m too much for you. But maybe you’re not enough for me. – Beth Knaus

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Beth Knaus

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