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Shed the weight of expectation. See what it's like to perform without the pressure.

As a leader this may sound familiar:

You’re highly skilled, accomplished and really good at what you do. Yet when it comes to promoting your OWN vision, services or ideas...

The pressure to perform and fulfill expectations - for your clients, team, audience, and yourself - is on.

Thinking about what to say, how to say it, what you look, what people will think, weighs a ton.

Not to mention the stress and anxiety that keeps you from performing at your best.

At the same time, you have the drive to achieve your vision and know you must communicate it clearly and compelling if you want people to believe it and take action.

So, how do you free yourself from the weight of that pressure?

Wipe the sweat off your brow and exhale because you're in the right place.

Using my Shed The Formality approach, you’ll remove beliefs, behaviors and expectations that stifle your personality and ideas and keep you from performing at your best in high-visibility situations.

You know, things like talking from a PowerPoint, “I’m too busy”, “that’s not how we do things around here”, perfectionism, people-pleasing, pre-written scripts, "Zoom doesn’t work”, data points, collaborators who get all the credit, wanting to prove yourself, overthinking. (You get the point.)

Ready to drop what’s weighing you down? 

The next time you are prepping for a client meeting, sales pitch, conference speech, board presentation, podcast, networking conversation, or other high visibility event, call me.

Through my programs for individuals and groups you will...

  • Build Awareness

    Identify what’s weighing you down, where you want to go and create conditions for success

  • Take Action

    Dig in and do the work to project confidence, create a compelling message, connect with and engage listeners, and handle the unexpected with ease

  • Be Accountable

    Monitor progress through ongoing workshops, cross training, and self-study resources

Then, when the time comes to “deliver”, whether you’re talking to 1 person or a group of people, for 30 seconds or 30 minutes, on video or in person, you will feel lighter, more confident over how you and your message come across, and ultimately perform at your best (and without the pressure).

How we can work together

The following programs are designed and facilitated by Stacey Shipman and currently offered remotely.

1 to 1

Up your game (& fast track results) for a board meeting, conference, client presentation, sales conversation or other high-visibility event.


From 1 hour to multiple days, learn and practice skills while feeling more connected to your peers, your work and yourself. 


Take the stress out of planning your next off-site or retreat when you hire Stacey to facilitate and consult on design and logistics.

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Book a call and explore what it will be like to perform without the pressure.