Develop high-trust leaders and teams without wasting your time and money on another “motivational seminar” (that is a little insulting to your intelligence).

Right now, you’re at a tipping point of growth.

You need great meetings where everyone is up to speed, on the same page, embracing the changes happening,

but people are bored, on their phones, not participating, and totally unclear on what to do afterward.

You want to build leadership capacity,

but people don’t always see the importance of succession planning, relationship, and team building, collaborative problem solving/decision making, or managing leadership transitions.

You wish your executive team members were in alignment and accountable,

but they are bogged down in the day-to-day, lack transparency, and constantly putting out fires instead of acting on the vision.


You want your company to be a GREAT place to work where

  • Employees

    talk to each other and stick around, not get poached by the competition

  • Leaders

    have a clear, meaningful, vision they can communicate

  • People

    can speak up without fear of judgment

  • Management

    doesn’t micromanage

  • Clients

    believe in the company as much as the people who work there

And so much emphasis is put on improving client and external relationships when those relationships can’t improve until the employee relationship does.

Team Building Exercise
Team Building Exercise at the South Shore Chamber of Commerce
Team Building Exercise

It’s so much easier to work with people you know and TRUST than it is to work in a room full of strangers.

This marks the difference between a disjointed, unprepared, underperforming team and one that works well together and has each other’s back.

Which is why you need
The Leadership Studio.

A tailored-to-your-needs facilitator lead program for fast-growing small and mid-size businesses that need to turn so-called “soft skills” (which includes those increasingly important "communication skills" and "emotional intelligence") into their most hard-core, competitive advantage.

You’ll learn the 5 components to becoming a more engaging and effective leader or team. And also how to:

  • Run

    a great meeting so that people actually know what to do when they leave the room. 

  • Deal with

    difficult clients so you’re keeping them AND your boundaries. 

  • Move

    through leadership transitions so you become a motivator of many instead of remaining a motivator of one.  

  • Advocate

    for yourself and your ideas so you aren’t boring people and you’re getting them to listen

  • Reduce

    stress and burnout so that you are yourself to be around and not a total nightmare.

The Leadership Studio is available as:

1-2 day

Clarity Retreat

for executives and teams

90 day

Trust Intensive

for small groups

Custom Facilitation, Retreat & Meeting Design

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