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Speak more naturally, connect better with clients, work better in meetings.

On video or in person, how you come across matters...

You need great meetings where everyone is up to speed and on the same page,

but people are bored, on their phones, not participating, and totally unclear on what to do afterward.

You want to improve client relationships and interactions,

but don’t always see the importance of small talk, staying in touch or know how to handle conflict and misunderstandings.

You want to be seen as credible, confident and competent,

but your messages fall flat, you speak from a PowerPoint, ramble or lose composure under pressure.


You can speak in a way that...

  • Inspires

    employees to talk to each other and stick around, not get poached by the competition

  • Communicates

    a clear, meaningful vision that energizes others

  • Creates

    settings where people can speak up without fear of judgment

  • Motivates

    clients to believe in the company as much as the people who work there

...WHEN the emphasis is put on what you say and how you say it.

Team Building Exercise
Team Building Exercise at the South Shore Chamber of Commerce
Team Building Exercise

It’s so much easier to get your message across with people who know and TRUST you than it is in a room full of strangers.

This marks the difference between a disconnected, unprepared, underperforming leader and one who works well with others and brings out their best.

Which is why you need
Presence & Presentation.

A live, facilitator lead program for number-focused professionals used to working behind the scenes and now find themselves in a more visible role where they have to communicate their own ideas often.

You’ll learn to drop what's holding you back from becoming a natural and engaging communicator and also how to:

  • Run a great meeting

    so that people actually know what to do when they leave the room. 

  • Deliver bad news

    and deal with difficult people without ruining the relationship.

  • Build Trust

    Using empathy, curiosity and listening

  • Advocate for your vision or ideas

    because nobody else will do it for you or with as much conviction.

  • Stay poised under pressure

    so that instead of losing composure you stay calm.

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