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Episode 58: Sales as an Act of Service – Susan MacConnell

Sales as an act of service and problem solving. That’s what Susan MacConnell of Smarketing Connect, talks about on this episode of Engaging Voices.

This Weeks Engaging Voice:
Susan MacConnell
Co-Founder, Smarketing Connect
Smarketing Connect

Show Notes:
Susan is a co-founder of Diversified Sales Solutions and Smarketing CONNECT.

Her specific niche is teaching and training on the power of networking and referral-based selling. Susan will implement or train to produce an online exposure strategy for small business owners and their employees to jump-start the growth of their digital personal presence to attract new clients, connect with customers and increase sales.

She has developed and conducted LinkedIn profile/prospecting programs for small companies and startups. Most recently, Susan helped launch Smarketing CONNECT to address small businesses’ need for sales and marketing giving them access to expert sales and marketing professionals.

Susan has a passion for connecting people and giving referrals.

On this episode Stacey and Susan talk about…

  • What Susan wanted to be growing up and how that plays out today (2:55)
  • Her transition from selling to consulting and teaching (8:15)
  • How to start a cold sales conversation (yes, it’s possible!) (11:30)
  • Importance of believing in what you’re selling (14:45)
  • The shift from face-to-face prospecting to LinkedIn prospecting (18:50)
  • How sales and prospecting has changed due to the pandemic (24:00)
  • Biggest challenges in her sales career and learning to manage energy (28:00)
  • 2 common myths about sales (30:30)
  • The importance of relationship building more than ever (35:00)
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