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Adapting to Change & Joint Partnerships with Steve Lichtman

2020 brought change to lots of businesses and this week’s guest is no exception. In this episode host Stacey Shipman talks to Steve Lichtman owner of two Fitness Together personal training studios in Massachusetts about adapting to change and using joint partnerships to promote your business.

Meet Steve Lichtman

Steve LichtmanSteve Lichtman is a seasoned business professional and strategist, with over 35 years of sales, marketing and management experience in company start-ups. He enjoys using his personal communication skills to develop mutually beneficial business and partner relationships.

While working in corporate America, Steve traveled extensively and was challenged to maintain a consistent exercise program. He found the support he needed and dramatically improved his health through the help of Fitness Together. After 2 years as a client, fitness became a lifestyle for Steve. He left corporate training for personal training, to help people become fit, active and lead a more healthy lifestyle.

Steve has over 15 years experience operating Fitness Together personal training studios. His certified team of fitness professionals takes a holistic approach, combining strength training and cardiovascular exercise with proper nutrition, to help people achieve measurable results.

Steve’s newest joint venture is a partnership with Helios Health products. After experiencing and falling in love with Helios’ all natural hand-crafted products, Steve contacted the founder with his idea to add CBD (cannabidiol) to their topicals. R&S Ventures is a natural extension of Steve’s holistic approach to wellness. They are seeking holistic health and wellness professionals to help take their products to market.

Reach out to Steve

Fitness Together Norwell (Massachusetts)

CBD Wellness Shop –

Steve on LinkedIn

On this episode Stacey and Steve talk about…

  • Steve’s big dreams as a young boy and how they play out in his work today (3:54)
  • Sales and bartering as a business strategy (11:00)
  • How stress lead him to owning a personal training studio (16:00)
  • How the pandemic brought him back to a role he loves – sales & networking (21:15)
  • Using joint partnerships to cut through the noise when marketing (25:00)
  • The difference between promoting a service (personal training) vs product (CBD oils) (35:30)
  • Knowing your best skills to run a business & Steve’s biggest insight to date (39:30)
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Steve Lichtman

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