Stefano McGhee

Bringing Personality & Respect to People Interactions – Stefano McGhee

“I don’t speak at people. I try to speak with people.” – Stefano McGhee

Meet Stefano McGhee – Community, IT, & Military Leader

Stefano McGheeStefano McGhee has worked in the Information Technology field for more than 25 years. In addition, he retired from a leadership role in the Military after 21 years of service.

In each of these roles, people became the foundation of solving problems. He learned that by getting to know decision-makers on a human level, he was more successful at influencing them.

Stefano is committed to boosting the confidence of his teams through constructive feedback while aligning personal & organizational goals. As a result, individuals see how their unique contributions make the organization better.

More recently, Stefano received his Private Pilot and Remote Pilot certificates, and is currently working towards his Instrument rating. He imagines becoming an evangelist on aviation, encouraging young adults and mid-career adults to take on the wonder of flight.

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On this episode Stacey & Stefano talk about:

  • What Stefano wanted to be when he grew up and how that plays out today (5:20)
  • Bringing energy to leadership and getting people on board (12:25)
  • Struggles & challenges with leading with personality (18:25)
  • Doing things your way and putting yourself out there in different settings (25:25)
  • Curiosity and getting others invested in your vision or ideas (35:15)
  • Biggest formality Stefano had to drop to get to where he is today (40:00)

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