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Purpose, Communication & Owning Your Life with Scott Stolze

Give yourself permission to experiment, fail and learn. – Scott Stolze

Meet Scott Stolze

Scott StolzeIn today’s connection economy, nothing matters more than the ability to communicate well and build healthy relationships with those you work with. This is what Scott helps people do.

Scott spent 18 years in corporate roles, including several middle management positions, in 2017 he pivoted into coaching and consulting, inspired by the mission to help people in their personal development and in becoming Great Communicators not just once in awhile, but every single day.

Download his new Guide: 13 Laws of Communication: How to Communicate Effectively in Today’s World

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By Email: scott (at) teaching2lead (dot) com

Stacey & Scott talk about…

  • What Scott wanted to be when he grew up and how it plays out today (2:05)
  • Making the move from asking people about themselves to getting people interested in him (5:25)
  • Transitioning from telling someone else’s story to telling your own (8:25)
  • Is passion overrated? (11:50)
  • Overcoming a fear of public speaking turning the fear into fuel and purpose (17:00)
  • The more you verbalize your thoughts and ideas, the more clear your truth becomes (21:45)
  • Permission to experiment, fail, learn and digging into permission (23:30)
  • Instead of focusing on you, focus on the problem you solve for others (31:10)
  • You can only serve others when you have your own clarity on who you are (34:25)
  • How Scott maintains his wellbeing as a business owner (37:10)
  • The biggest formality Scott had to shed to get to where he is now (42:45)
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