Episode 54_ Santina Giannino

Episode 54: Don’t Be Afraid to Try Something New – Santina Giannino

Don’t be afraid to try something new. That’s what Santina Giannino, founder of Stage It For Success, talks about on this episode of Engaging Voices.

This Weeks Engaging Voice:
Santina Giannino
Founder, Stage It For Success
Stage It For Success

Growing up in Sicily, Santina always had a passion for interiors and fashion coupled with a strong business sense that, in time, translated into an ability to successfully establish and manage her own business.

In January of 2016, she took a leap. Santina left a successful career in IT and Marketing to found Stage It for Success, where she put her interior design skills to use by staging homes in a way that appeals to most buyers and gives the best first impression.

Santina gets inspiration from hardworking people who show commitment and integrity. Her teenage daughter influences her outlook on life, and Santina strives to be a strong role model and show her daughter that through hard work and passion, women can be happy and successful.

On this episode Stacey and Santina talk about…

  • What Santina wanted to be when she grew up and how that plays out today (4:25)
  • How Santina transitioned from IT to Marketing to starting her business (13:15)
  • Her biggest challenges in starting her business (17:42)
  • Fear and the value of networking (28:30)
  • How she marketed her business when first starting out (34:00)
  • Santina’ insights for pursuing a creative business (41:00)
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Episode 54_ Santina Giannino

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