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REPLAY: Stacey on The Energy Within Podcast with Kerri Jokala

A Note From Stacey Shipman

Energy Within PodcastToday we have a special episode. In addition to hosting Shed The Formality, I’ve been putting myself out there as a guest on other marketing, entrepreneurship & personal development podcasts.

I’m a believer in practicing what I preach and had a recent realization that I’m not putting MY ideas out there as much as I’d like. One way for me to do that more is to guest on other people’s podcasts. It’s been a blast.

So, today’s episode is a replay of a recent podcast where I sat in the guest seat.

The podcast is called The Energy Within and it is hosted by Kerri Jokala, a Reiki Master, Fitness Trainer, singer and overall cool person. Kerri and I connected via a podcast FB group. Kerri is a generous and likable host. So tune in to her podcast, too!

I’m sharing this episode here, with Kerri’s permission, because we talk about formalities that hold people back. And in this episode specifically we talk about about the formality of “waiting for permission”. 

Permission is a concept that has been coming up a lot in conversations I’m having with colleagues and in my client workshops and networking events. I’ve heard more than once:

You gave me permission to… (insert action here – speak up, be more myself, leave a networking conversation, etc.)

I even wrote a blog post about permission, you can find that at

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A Note From Kerri Jokala

Have you ever felt uncomfortable in a networking situation, or at a party with people you don’t know, or even just meeting new people in general?

We tend to behave and believe that we need to put on our “professional” persona when we’re at work, running our business, etc., and that we can’t be the same person we usually are in our daily lives.

Stacey Shipman is here to blast all of that thinking away for you. Her mission is to help you shed the formality, and feel more comfortable being yourself in ALL situations. Of course, you can still be professional, especially in situations where you should be, but that doesn’t mean pretending to be someone different than who you really are.

I LOVE this episode, and my FAVORITE part is our chat about realizing you already have permission to be and do what you want to do with your life. Share this one, tag us, and let us know what YOUR favorite part was!

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Remember, the world needs you and your ideas. Keep shining!

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