World's End Hingham

On TV: Stacey talks about World’s End Hingham with WBZ/CBS Boston

I was on TV! And while not business related, it was very fun.

Thanks to friend and colleauge. Anne Smith-White, Director of South Shore Properties for the Trustees of Reservations, who invited me to be part of this segment talking about World’s End Hingham, MA (Have you been?). 

The Networking Lesson

Anne and I met at the beginning of 2020, just after the pandemic started, when a mutual contact recommended we talk. 

We hit it off immediately and have stayed in touch ever since (online, through email, and phone and yes we even met for a walk at World’s End!)

Networking is about gaining access to ALL opportunities whether they pay you or not; whether business related or not; whether you work for a business or own one. 

Check out the segment below or click here to view video and write up.

Bottom Line

So, never underestimate the value of talking to people face-to-face. Even if that means online via video or masked up for a walk (local friends, I’ll meet you at World’s End!). Who knows where the conversation and connection might take you. 

If nothing else, it’s something to talk about when, during your next [online] networking event, someone asks, “So, what’s new?”

Maybe you, too, will be able to say, “I was on TV!” 😎

What’s your favorite networking story?

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