Engage The Room


Work a room, sell your ideas, and turn complete strangers into devoted fans instead of squandering your time behind a computer thinking that’s where all the action is.

In other words...stop hiding.

You have a lot of ideas and things you want to do yet something holds you back...

Maybe you want to write a book, speak more, start a podcast, host a workshop, or run a retreat

but selling your own services and ideas feels unnatural because you never had to do it before. So, you do it poorly or not at all.

You want more access to clients, decision-makers, or collaborators,

but you haven’t figured out how to “work a [Zoom] room”, engage in small talk, or ask for what you need in a way that makes people want to know more.

You’ve got the credentials, certifications, skills and experience you need to take action,

but compared to others you feel behind, second-guess every decision you make, and wait for instructions, permission, or to feel ready.

Like it or not, these are self-limiting behaviors that get in the way of reaching your goals.

See, there's a phase where you’re stuck between feeling like an awkward, foolish, unprepared business owner and a confident one who has the guts and clarity to speak up and take action on their ideas.

So how do you transition out of this self-limiting behavior for good?

You figure out who you need to BECOME
to get the results you want.

Because until you do, you’re on the hamster wheel to burnout. And the hamster wheel looks like this:

  • Waiting to speak up or take action until things are perfect

  • Distracted by bright shiny objects

  • Being a people pleaser

  • Hiding behind labels that don’t let your personality shine

  • Seeking yet another credential instead of doing the “thing”

  • Lurking on social media and not interacting

  • Sitting behind the computer thinking that’s where all the work gets done

  • Overthinking instead of trying new things

This isn’t you taking charge, this is you waiting for opportunities.

Women Networking

Which you will get WHEN you own your value, believe in what you’re selling, and build the relationships you need to make great sh*t happen.

Which is why you need the Engage The Room Studio

A live, facilitator lead program that gets you off the hamster wheel of burnout and into the powerful business person you are.

Join an ambitious group of business leaders & entrepreneurs ready to elevate themselves and others.

Here’s what you get when you sign up...

  • Unlimited and free access

    to ONLINE Conditioning Classes, Power Hours, and networking events exclusively for solo & micro businesses (up to 4 per month)

  • Promotional opportunities

    through the email list, podcast, events and blog

  • Subscription

    to Engage The Room email newsletter plus member only freebies and resources

  • Premium access

    to a network of business owners ready to support your vision and growth

You might walk in a stranger but you won't leave as one. Come out of hiding and get the support you need to become the entrepreneur you set out to be.

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