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Video Interview: Long Live Verbal Communication

Knowing I run my own business, people (often other independent or solo professionals) often ask me two questions:

How do you get people to your events?

How do you find your clients?

The simple answer: I go out and talk to people.

When leads come through my website, the conversation rate is great if I can get the prospects to agree to an in-person meeting or phone call.

When I hosted a full-day women’s retreat last year, I brought flyers to networking events, called upon people I knew for help, and used video interviews to market through social media. And when folks signed up from social media it was 1) because they know me personally and 2) the people I know personally brought friends.

Even with the popularity of social media, talking to people face-to-face is alive and well.

This is true whether you own a business or work for a business. If you want to get things done, nothing, in my opinion, beats a face-to-face meeting.

Which brings me to the meat of today’s post. Last fall (my) marketing coach Michael Katz, founder of Blue Penguin Development in Hopkinton, MA published his new book, The Likeable Expert. I bought it right away. One insight in the book caught my attention (about face-to-face meetings). So I reached out and asked Michael if he’d be up for a video interview. He agreed.

See, Michael is a fan of face-to-face interactions, too. And, if time allowed, he’d do all of his marketing IN PERSON!

Check out the video below (less than 10 minutes) where he shares insights and strategies to become a likable expert by meeting people face-to-face.

Oh, and if you like what you hear, he’s graciously offered to share the first 15 (of 101) insights of the book FREE. Visit to download them! (He does ask for your email. I’ve been reading his newsletters for 10 years – they are worth it!)

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Your Turn to Talk to Us!

What are your best strategies for finding clients?

Do you rely on social media or do you go out and talk to people?

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