Kiana Estevez

Stepping Away from Status Quo as an Entrepreneur with Kiana Estevez

It’s scary to step out of the status quo. Choose your hard. – Kiana Estevez

Meet Kiana Estevez

Kiana EstevezKiana is an Afro-Latina entrepreneur who is determined to create inclusive and empathetic solutions through food experiences. She created Aisle Mine, a social food movement, empowering people to step outside of their comfort zones, and equalizing cultural differences through community experience.

It’s more than a cooking class, it’s a life skills class which offers the kind of education a human being needs. We help guests reclaim mindfulness into their day, so they can lean towards culture in an accessible way with even more people and perspective at the table.

Kiana is building a new standard as an equitable profit sharing ecosystem for foodie and eaters.



On this episode Stacey & Kiana talk about…

  • What she wanted to be when she grew up (3:00)
  • Making a career shift due to the pandemic (5:48)
  • Stepping away from the status quo and the beliefs holding her back (8:28)
  • Dropping old beliefs, learning new ones and calling yourself out on your own stuff (18:10)
  • You can only lead as far as you’ve gone (24:00)
  • What lead her to start aisle nine/business in a pandemic (27:39)
  • Vision & offerings for Aisle Mine (33:00)
  • Will she continue to offer programs online when it’s safe to gather again? (35:02)
  • The shift from working on the inside promoting someone else’s brand to promoting her own brand (36:45)
  • The biggest formality Kiana had to shed in order to get to where she is today (39:30)
  • How she takes care of herself and avoids burnout (41:30)

Connect with Kiana Estevez & Aisle Mine

Aisle Mine Website

Aisle Mine on Instagram

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Kiana Estevez

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