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Surrounding Yourself with the Right People in Business with Kate Stallings

Surrounding yourself with the right people as a business owner and how to stand out. That’s what this week’s guest, Kate Stallings, talks about on this episode of Shed The Formality.

Meet Kate Stallings, Kate Creative Media

Kate StallingsKate started behind the scenes on small web hosting projects for local businesses in Massachusetts and Rhode Island and quickly became a go-to professional for website solutions. Her company specializes in tailored web design and marketing solutions for businesses across the country, specifically in the trades and manufacturing industries.

In 2019, Kate was named among the “Most Influential Entrepreneurs of 2019 as Compared to Amazon’s Jeff Bezos on Yahoo Finance and Nasdaq and she appeared as a featured guest on Radio Entrepreneurs in Natick, MA.

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On this episode Stacey and Kate talk about…

  • What Kate wanted to be when she grew up and how it plays out in her work today (2:00)
  • Biggest struggles as a business owner (not sharing ideas with clients) and how she moved through it (11:40)
  • Standing out in a highly competitive web design industry – focus matters (17:56)
  • On niching yourself and saying no to business that doesn’t fit (22:00)
  • Let’s talk about self care for the entrepreneur (27:14)
  • The importance of relationships & collaboration (30:00)
  • Biggest formality she had to shed to step into who she is now (32:00)
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Kate Stallings

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