Guest Caroline Mays

Uncage Your Epic Credential with Caroline Mays

Uncage your epic credential with Caroline Mays, writer and founder of Switchblade Lemonade, an image crafting and bio writing salon.

About Caroline Mays

Caroline MaysFull Disclosure: Caroline is the genius behind the “Shed The Formality” message, about and services pages – for companies and women – on this website. She’s also an all around incredible human being.

Caroline insists that the average “this is me” paragraph is a personality killer and creative wasteland. But the stories that made us are robust, complicated and deserving of our attention, containing all the necessary materials for a bold personal brand.

Clients rely on her genius to unleash true, focused, compelling biographical art that sells their work, instead of uninspired and predictable content that sells them short.

I mean, are you hooked yet? 

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Switchblade Lemonade



On this episode Stacey and Caroline talk about…

  • What Caroline wanted to be when she grew up (2:45)
  • Starting Switchblade Lemonade (6:40)
  • Shedding “corporate” formality and working with clients of that mindset (11:49)
  • The birth of the Epic Credential (19:22)
  • Stand out in a crowded industry (26:00)
  • Imposter syndrome and being an expert (33:00)
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Guest Caroline Mays

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