Aaron K. Wilson

Using Your Gifts to Uplift Others with Aaron K. Wilson

Using your gifts to uplift others is the theme of this episode with Aaron K. Wilson, motivational speaker, singer-songwriter, actor, producer, and author of “The Point Guard: The 15 Principles of Leadership to Unleash Your Dream”.

Meet Aaron K. Wilson

Aaron K. WilsonAaron used to have low self esteem and did not believe he harbored any talents. With the help of people encouraging and uplifting him, Aaron realized that the only way to conquer his insecurities and fears was to face them. Aaron now is the UPLIFTER and makes it his mission to help students realize the importance of having a positive self image and mindset that will help them overcome their insecurities and embrace their purpose.

Aaron has a special way to engage youth with his energy, message, charisma and music. Aaron’s ability to connect with audiences is a pure treasure and joy.


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On this episode Stacey and Aaron talk about…

  • Aaron’s big dreams as a young boy and how they play out today (2:30)
  • Making a plan to pursue a dream (6:15)
  • Unlocking emotions and stepping into who you are as an actor and person (13:30)
  • Perfection and people pleasing  (19:00)
  • Financial stability, creative careers and making money (23:30)
  • “Manifesting”, planning and putting yourself out there continually (29:00)
  • Starving artist or wealth building artist? (33:00)
  • Greatest insight on shedding formalities and expressing creativity (36:15)
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Aaron K. Wilson

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