Shed The


Promoting your services or ideas is so much easier (and more productive) when you drop what's holding you back.

Why Engage The Room?

We're here to remove formal protocols stifling personalities and ideas

Because can’t advocate for yourself or your genius hiding behind: “I’m too busy,” perfectionism, data, PowerPoints, collaborators who get all the credit, or the belief you need more credentials.

Plus, human connection is impossible when you are acting like a robot.

Boring, bland and basic are default settings – but they aren’t the only settings. With Stacey Shipman's guidance, you can drop learned behavior that never felt natural in the first place, step out of the conventional bubble and engage clients, peers, prospects - anyone - with who you really are.

What We Offer


The Leadership Studio

Power up your presence & presentation skills so you can speak more naturally, connect better with clients and work better in meetings.


The Marketing Studio

Connect with other business owners and gain skills and confidence to stand out, sell your ideas and turn strangers into devoted fans.


For Meeting Planners

Shed The Formality at your next women's conference or event when you hire Stacey to speak, host, M.C., or moderate a panel.

Who Are Your Facilitators?

Stacey Shipman

Stacey Shipman

A podcast host, facilitator and creator of Engage The Room, Stacey is here to remove formal protocols stifling personalities and ideas. She continues to “shed the formality” in her own life through stand-up comedy classes and singing lessons!

Michel Shipman

Michael Shipman

An executive coach & facilitator, Michael is on a mission to eliminate under employment. When he’s not developing his clients, he’s developing himself as an organic gardener and competitive sailor.

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